There are days, weeks or even months when our skin is extremely dry and face becomes decorated with awful flaky skin. It is a symptom of many possible reasons. Why do you get peeling skin on your face and how to get rid of it? Meet the best ways to fight off dry skin.

It is good to start by asking yourself those few simple questions about your skincare, dietary habits and other ways you take care of yourself because it may turn out that often – unknowingly – we are the reason for flaky skin.

  1. Do you drink enough water in a day?
  2. Do you eat produce rich in healthy plant-based fats?
  3. Do you remember about regular moisturizing?
  4. Do you avoid cosmetics with alcohol and parabens?
  5. Do you protect your skin against the sun, wind, and freeze?

If to any of the above questions your answer was no, you must read on. Check out where is flaky skin coming from and how to fight it!

Peeling skin on face – possible causes

What is the most common cause of flaky skin? As it is easy to figure out, it is a direct result of excess water loss and skin dryness. The most common reasons for the skin of the face to suffer from flaky skin is:

  • diet poor in healthy omega fatty acids;
  • drinking less than half a gallon of water a day;
  • lack of SPF use;
  • lack of moisturizing cream or serum;
  • not using thick protective cream in the winter;
  • using regular soap for a face wash (causes dryness);
  • use of cosmetics with alcohol (causes dryness);
  • too often use of exfoliators.

It should be mentioned that flaky skin can be a symptom of a disease, such as psoriasis, AD, eczema, or allergy to a given ingredient. That is why after eliminating possible mistakes in skincare and other neglect, it may be necessary to consult the problem with a dermatologist.

How to get rid of rough skin patches?

It cannot be done fast. If you use an exfoliator and smooth out the skin, it won’t solve the issue of flaky skin because the problem will reappear shortly.

The best way to deal with flaky skin is three-step skincare.

Step 1. Moisturizing

Of greatest relevance it is to deliver skin with the water it’s lacking. It can be done in two different ways, on the inside or outside. The most important is to drink the proper amount of water a day, but also to focus skincare on moisturizing. Good quality moisturizing cream or humectant mask and oils that prevent water loss will solve the issue.

Step 2. Nourishment

Skin deprived of proper nutrients is also subjected to dry skin spots. It is not only about vitamins and minerals, but also omega acids which are necessary for skin protection against hydration loss. The nourishment can be achieved on the inside with a balanced diet or on the outside with creams, face masks and oils.

Step 3. Protection

Once you delivered skin with hydration and nutrients, you need to make sure it will not lose its valuable ingredients and water. The protection is an extremely important part. You should keep your skin safe against the wind, salty or chlorinated water, the sun and other harmful factors such as free radicals. The easiest way to do that is with oils, protective cream or face mist with SPF.

Yet, it is not all that you should consider changing about the skincare!

Dry skin care – the rules

If the skin’s still dry in spite of the three steps care, you should implement a few simple rules. Thanks to it, flaky skin will only be a memory.

  • Switch your soap to gentle face wash or oil.
  • Quit cosmetics containing alcohol, SLS and SLES.
  • Take a break from the mattifying foundation and loose cosmetics.
  • Exfoliate on a regular basis but only with gentle products.
  • After every face wash use a toner to balance pH.
  • Look for oils, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins in creams.
  • Choose only the cosmetics with simple composition, natural.