Stylists have been saying for months that this year glitter would dominate on the New Year’s Eve balls – on the eyelids, nails, and even on the eyebrows and hair. How to apply a bit of glitter on your hair so that you look beautiful and smart? Get to know the glitter hair.

Just like every year, when Christmas and carnival are right around the corner, the love for glitter revives. Eyeshadows used only for this occasion finally have their time. This year, however, glitter reigns not only in the make-up but also in the evening hairstyles.

Glitter hair

The New Year’s Eve party is unlike any other occasion. While other times we focus on elegant, delicate hairstyles, on New Year’s Eve we want to look fabulous. No wonder that glitter hair is the undisputed king among this year’s trends. It makes your hair shine in a way that cannot be missed. Is glitter hair a hit that all women will adore?

Glitter hair – how does it look like?

There are many ways of styling your hair with glitter. There are more and less creative ideas. The most important, however, is moderation, because when it comes to glitter, it’s very easy to achieve an exaggerated effect and your classy look will become kitschy. The most beautiful versions of glitter hair are those in which the glitter is just an addition, for example covering only a hair braided around the ponytail, a few loose strands or another small element.

Add some glitter!

If your dress is delicate, you can use more of glowing particles. But if your dress is dominated by luminous elements, use less of it. If you use some special jewellery for our hair, make sure it matches the glitter you want to use. For example, the combination of gold and silver usually doesn’t match.

Hairstyles from the catwalks

The idea to use glitter for hairstyling began on the spring-summer show of Giambattista Valli, a French designer who has modified the popular wet look with a very large amount of glitter. Stylists loved this effect and in a short time glitter hairstyles were popularized.

Glitter hair – how to apply it?

A glitter hairstyle is certainly a dream of every woman who chooses to take part in a party or ball. If we want to be trendy, we must know how and where to apply glitter, so that it does not make us look kitschy. The way of applying glowing particles on the hair is also important. You have to do it so that it stays on the hair all night and does not fall off.

The best ways to get glitter hair:

  • using a special glitter hair spray;
  • using hair oil with illuminating flecks;
  • sprinkling freshly stylized hair with glitter;
  • applying a small amount of glue and add glitter;
  • applying glitter on hair covered with styling wax.