Wonderful argan oil does not work on your hair? It seems impossible, but it happens very often. All substances should be used with care and in an appropriate way, it also applies to natural plant oils. We are describing the most common mistakes made during the application of argan oil. Do you also use Moroccan liquid gold in the wrong way? Check it yourself!

Mistake number 1 – application on dry hair.

Almost no one pays attention to the fact that oils must be used combined with water. In order to work, argan oil must be in the form of a liquid emulsion. This does not mean that the oil must be mixed with water and then applied on hair, although oiling in a bowl is actually the most effective way. It is important that the hair is damp or just moistened when applying argan oil.

Mistake number 2 – heating oil.

Argan oil has average resistance to heat, therefore, you need to be careful with high temperatures. Gentle heating will not cause any damage. Additionally, it may increase the absorption of nutrients. However, you must know that argan oil loses its properties at temperatures higher than 70 degrees Celsius. Be cautious.

Mistake number 3 – applying too much oil.

Greater amount does not always mean better results and cost-effective approach is quite advisable when using argan oil (and not necessarily for financial reasons). To cover the entire length of hair, you will need just a few drops of argan oil. Too much of the product can cause grease or weigh hair down.

Mistake number 4 – the application after the expiry date.

Sure, many people will be surprised reading that Argan oil has a shelf life. This is a completely natural product, therefore, it must be used fairly quickly. Validity of argan oil hair is still longer than other organic products. It is approximately 4-6 months from the day of opening, and only after that time, it loses its properties.

Mistake number 5 – irregular application.

All the headlines are drawing out attention to the information about regular hair care with the use of oils. Yet, we treat it only as a guideline, not an order. Argan oil used occasionally will not bring any results, and only systematic care can work wonders. Be patient and after some time you will be able to notice improvement in the condition of your hair.