Is your hair damaged and you don’t know how to bring its amazing looks back? Smoothing with silicones and saving the hairdo with styling products won’t bring any good. You must rebuild weak hair from within. How to condition damaged hair? Start the Hair Repair Action!

The most common causes of hair damage:

  • too much exposure to the heat,
  • blow-drying with the hot airflow after every hair wash,
  • wearing tight updos,
  • using products that are wrong for the hair type,
  • lack of protection from the sunlight, wind, frost,
  • regular colouring, bleaching, hair-dye stripping, etc.

All of these things lead to hair damage. Hair’s dull, thin, brittle, coarse, frizzy. That’s the effect of over-processed hair structure and raised cuticle scales on the hair surface.

How to care for damaged and over-processed hair?

Before reaching for hair-repair methods, let’s reduce the damaging factors. If you often have your hair coloured, go back to your natural shade for some time or choose less-harmful dyes. Don’t pin hair up – feel the wind in your tresses! Exchange flat irons for natural hair-straightening methods. That’s enough to begin with.

Damaged hair needs regeneration, though. Avoiding harmful factors doesn’t mean your hair’s going to get back its previous appearance. Here are basic rules for damaged hair care routine:

  1. Cut split ends down because it’s just impossible to bind them back together.
  2. Choose an oil and introduce it to your daily hair care. Which one is the best choice for damaged hair? The one that’s full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids e.g. Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil. A good damaged hair oil is going to repair, lock water in, deliver smoothness, strengthen and shield against harmful factors.
  3. Go for hair products that are rich in emollients (protection), humectants (hydration) and proteins e.g. Keratin (repair).
  4. Treat hair gently while washing, brushing and styling.