A face cream is one of the cosmetics that should always be included in a woman’s washbag. It is extremely important in skin conditioning as well as evening and morning care. However, for the cream to bring the expected results, it should be applied properly. Read on to check how to do it.

1. Apply the cream to the back of your hand

Few women use this trick. It is quite surprising as it gives really good results. What is it about? The cream applied first to the back of the hand and gently rubbed with fingers acquires body temperature. This, in turn, increases its effectiveness and ensures better action. No matter if the cream is in a jar, a pump bottle or in a tube, it’s always better to put some on your hand beforehand.

2. Applying the cream

Apply it to your face and neck. On the face, apply the cream along the cheekbones, including the bones making up the eye socket. Avoid the lash line as well as the upper eyelid. It’s important to apply the right amount of the cream – one that will moisturise the skin and also let it breathe. Therefore, if after about half an hour the cream is not absorbed, the excess should be removed from the face. These residues can be applied to the hands.

3. Day cream and night cream

Day creams should be applied no later than half an hour before leaving the house, whereas in winter no later than an hour so that it’s enough time for the formula to be absorbed. Night cream should be used no more than one hour before bedtime. When the muscles make some moves, the cream gets into the skin providing desired results. However, if you apply the cream and go to sleep right after that, it’s possible that it will cause swelling in the morning.

4. Is night cream necessary?

Very young girls under the age of 25 usually do not need to apply the night cream. It’s enough that in the evening they cleanse the skin with facial toner. At this age, the skin has the ability to regenerate. There is no need to help it, otherwise it may become lazy and some irritations may occur.