How to keep the nails in perfect condition? This question bothers many girls. There are plenty of ways for making the nails stronger, more resilient, and longer. We lead you through 5 never-failing rules to follow.

Shineless, brittle, very delicate – there are various problems with nails but they’re usually caused by the same thing: our carelessness making the nails weak and giving us mani fails. What can we do to make the nails healthy again, strengthen and beautify them?


Rule 1 Always have a hand cream on you. 

Obviously, when applying a hand lotion, we apply it on the nails too. It keeps them in perfect condition for longer. Depending on the type of product, it ensures optimal moisture, locks in water, protects from sun damage or mechanical injuries, nourishing the skin on the hands at the same time.

Rule 2 Use a nail conditioner or oil.

You can’t forget that nails sometimes need more nutrients than skin on the hands. That is why a nail conditioner is a must from time to time. Use a typical nail conditioner in the form of nail polish or try natural oils (castor, argan, shea butter). No matter which product you choose, remember to evenly apply it and cleanse the nails before that. Strengthening products for nails must be used at least once a week.

Rule 3 Protect your nails against chemicals.

Speaking of nail care, we believe protecting from damage is the priority. There are a lot of possible wrongdoers, including chemical-laden products for house cleaning. Wear gloves to prevent dry skin, irritations and brittle nails. Have them on while gardening or tinkering with something.

Rule 4 Don’t damage/bite your nails.

Even though we all know biting is bad, we tend to do that. This awful habit isn’t the only wrongdoer, though. Nail plates can be damaged while doing manicure, for example you use sharp tools or accessories incorrectly (nail drill). Mani mistakes are a common cause of nail damage. Fixing it takes time and is not easy.

Rule 5 Remember to eat a healthy diet.

Finally, a simple thing that we tend to forget: diet. Nail care makes most of us think of conditioners and other strengtheners while nourishing the body matters too. Drinking minimum of two liters per day, eating more fruits, vegetables, whole wheat foods and healthy fatty acids – all this enhances the nails.