Hybrid manicure is very popular. Most women fall in love with it because of its durability, resistance and multitude of colours. If you have a knack for painting nails, you can do this manicure at home. If not, check what exactly it is and how to use it.

Hybrid nail polish – what is it?

It is a type of nail polish that gives a long-lasting effects. It is special in the sense that its composition differs from a regular nail polish and requires the usage of a UV lamp. It can also be called a gel polish because it combines two formulas: soak-off and ordinary nail polish. To be precise, soak-off is a silicone UV gel easy to apply and remove recommended for hardening natural nails. Hybrid nail polish is used both for manicure and pedicure treatments.

The consistency of the hybrid nail polish is very important for its durability. Simplified variants of these products are MONO gel polishes, which do not require prior application of the base coat and the top coat. If you decide on this type of manicure, it is enough to use a hybrid nail polish and harden it in the lamp.

How to apply a hybrid nail polish?

To make hybrid manicure you will need a UV or LED lamp, a hybrid nail polish, a top coat, a base coat, a nail cleanser, a buffing block, and a paper file. Prepare the nail plate by removing the cuticles, filing the nails and wiping them with the nail cleaner. Then apply the base coat and cure in a UV lamp for 30 seconds. Do the same with the nail polish of selected colour and then the top coat. Finally, wipe the top coat with the nail cleaner to get rid of the sticky layer.

Hybrid manicure – advantages

These include:

  • gloss;
  • durability (lasts up to 3 weeks);
  • resistance;
  • wide range of colours;
  • a possibility of making long and strong nails;
  • a possibility to make simple as well as more complicated manicure.

How to remove hybrid manicure?

If you want to do it on your own, then be very careful. File the top coat, place a cotton pad with acetone on your nail and wrap with aluminium foil. After a few minutes, remove the remains of nail polish with an orange stick and apply a nail serum.