Skincare implements various natural components such as mineral ingredients. These are safe for the skin, very effective and recommended to everyone no matter skin type, its condition, age or gender. Check out which mineral ingredients will be best for you.

Mineral ingredients in cosmetics – what to choose?

When it comes to skincare, next to the plant and animal-based ingredients popular are also mineral ingredients. Those well-known and most commonly used are:

  • talcum powder,
  • kaolin,
  • diatomaceous earth,
  • black mud,
  • mica,
  • silk powder.


It is powdered steatite characteristic for its ability to stick to the skin and for great absorption. For this reason, talcum powder is commonly added to the powder and other make-up cosmetics. Talc is often used as a protective product before wax hair removal.


It is also called clay. It has great absorption properties so is often used as an ingredient in the foundation and powder. Kaolin has also the tightening, anti-inflammatory, smoothing out, cleansing and disinfecting properties. It is used in face masks and exfoliators as well as various types of cosmetic clay:

  • white – cleanses and is implemented as a white pigment for make-up cosmetics;
  • red – takes care of sensitive skin and is pigment for lipstick and blusher;
  • yellow – tightens and smooths out;
  • green – holds anti-inflammatory and tightening action, it is used for oily, mixed and acne-prone skin.


It consists of fossilized remains of hard-shelled protists. It is extracted, crumbled and cleansed. It is used as a cosmetic ingredient for exfoliators.


It contains plenty of mineral ingredients. It is known for its tightening, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antiseptic properties. Moreover, it boosts blood circulation. Black mud is often used for anti-cellulite treatments, to reduce eczema and inflammations.


It is a mineral that makes 3% of the Earth’s ground. It reflects light that is why it is used in make-up cosmetics. Mica provides a pearly and shimmering effect. Mica is added to eyeshadows, foundation and highlighting powder.


It is obtained from natural silk that makes cosmetics to adhere better to skin in make-up. The silk powder is a source of amino acids that take care of skin, make complexion even, moisturize and smooth out.