Unlike acne, a single pimple that occurs from time to time can be treated with home remedies. Popping is common yet ineffective – this way of removing the pimple may result in the appearance of dark spots and scars. What are the best home remedies for pimples then?

Home remedies for pimples

Garlic compress to dry out pimples

Garlic contains zinc and sulfur which have antibacterial and cleansing effect. To prepare such compress, peel a clove of garlic and press it to the pimple for a few minutes. Next, wash the face thoroughly. You need to repeat the treatment to get desired results.

Toothpaste on pimples

Only a white toothpaste works for this purpose because it contains substances that quickly dry out and consequently reduce the pimples.

Tomato paste on pimples

Tomatoes are high in lycopene which has anti-acne effect and acids that dry out the pimples. To make this paste you smash a tomato with a fork and apply it to the pimples. After fifteen minutes rinse the tomato paste off the skin.

Honey and cinnamon paste on pimples

Honey and cinnamon have antibacterial properties so they hinder the development of the pimple. The effectiveness of each will be higher if you put them together. Apply this thick blend like a spot treatment and leave in for the night. The skin will absorb the ingredients while the pimple will be less visible in the morning. Repeating the treatment a few evenings in a row will lead to total destruction of the pimple.

Baking soda on pimples

Baking soda cleanses, dries out and soothes. You take a pinch of baking soda and mix it with a small amount of water until you get a thick paste. Apply it to the pimples and rinse after 30 minutes. Because soda has a very strong effect, you shouldn’t use it more than once on the same pimple.

Turmeric and coconut oil mask on pimples

Turmeric has a strong antibacterial and brightening effect. When you mix it with coconut oil, it’s going to hold the development of the lesion. To make the mask, prepare a pinch of turmeric and some coconut oil, and apply the mixture like a spot treatment.

Citrus juice on pimples

Citruses contain an acid that reduces bacterial lesions. You squeeze a drop of juice from a chosen citrus and apply it to the pimple using a Q-tip.