When struggling with skin and hair problems, women tend to reach for natural remedies. They see hope in one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients in the recent months. This is nothing else but Argan oil. Is it a real deal-maker? 

The original Argan oil is also referred to as the liquid gold of Morocco because it is obtained in a time-consuming process of cold-pressing the seeds of argan trees that grow in that region. It is almost as valuable as real gold and not only literally but also in terms of its properties. What will Argan oil cure?

Argan oil in hair care 

It is by far, the most popular ingredients of hir care products. However, before reaching for a random product with Argan oil mentioned on the label, it is better to make sure that there are not only its trace amounts. The best solution is to look for Argan oil combined with other natural oils and vitamins without any silicones, alcohols or parabens. Only then, argan oil:

  • provides thermal protection
  • reduces the risk of water loss (partially moisturises)
  • smoothes scalp irritations
  • deeply regenerates, nourishes and reinforces
  • eliminates frizz and makes the hair sleek
  • prevents the ends from splitting

Argan Oil in skin care

Due to the high content of vitamin E (also called the vitamin of youth) women like to replace their creams, lotions or mask with natural Argan oil. It is quickly absorbed, leaves the complexion moisturised and smooth. It also works well as a make-up primer. Not very many people are aware of the fact that it contains butyrospermol – a gentle alcohol that protects against solar radiation. If used regularly, it delays skin ageing processes, minimizes the visibility of wrinkles and dark under eye circles or even prevents the formation of acne.