A powder is one of the basic makeup cosmetics. It might seem that its main task is to prevent the facial skin from shine and fix the makeup, but that’s not all. The function of the powder depends on its type. Learn the basic types of powders and their properties.

Types and properties of powders: loose powder 

A loose powder will mattify the skin and prolong the durability of makeup. If you want to avoid the cakey effect, you should apply it with a large and dense brush but make sure you scoop only tiny amount at once.

Types and properties of powders: pressed powder 

Pressed powder in combination with a foundation will give you the mask effect. This type of powder should be used as an independent cosmetic that will even out the colour of the skin and mattify it. For a skin full of discolouration and imperfection, the pressed powder will not be enough.
Carefully choose the colour of the powder, because due to the high content of pigment, it may not be compatible with your skin tone.

Types and properties of powders: loose mineral powder 

Even though the loose mineral powder is (as the name indicates) a type of powder, it acts as a foundation. It is indicated for people allergic to ingredients of traditional cosmetics and for women with problematic skin, for example, those who struggle with acne an well as for mature skin type. Due to the content of substances such as mica, which reflects the light gently, loose mineral powder smoothes the skin’s structure, and if it’s applied carefully enough, it is almost invisible. Loose minerals are to be applied to a moisturized complexion with a very thick kabuki brush.

Types and properties of powders: powder pearls 

Powder pearls usually comes  in two variants of colours:

  • the first consists of multi-coloured pears, usually pink, beige, purple and yellow, and is designed to illuminate and revive the skin;
  • the second – composed of beige, brown and gold pearls – gives the effect of the sun-kissed skin.

Powder pearls allow contouring the face, which is why it is perfect for beginners.

Types and properties of powders: bronzing powder 

Bronzing powder is similar to classical pressed powder, but it has no corrective properties and is highly pigmented. We can apply it to the whole face or on the spot: to the nose, forehead and cheeks to give the skin a natural tan effect. Bronzing powder will allow us to hide our flaws and enhance the best features: thanks to it, we will optically slim down our face, soften facial features, contour our nose, and even highlight the cleavage.