The skin becomes dehydrated for a number of reasons and, unfortunately, it is usually a sudden and quite fast process. It can happen also to oily, acne and combination skin. Adverse weather conditions, cold or hot season, dry air caused by radiators or simply drinking not enough water can make the skin dehydrated. How to tell that your skin is dehydrated and how to sooth it? Get to know the best hydrating facial treatments.

Let’s start with an important fact:

All skin types require moisturising

Absolutely every skin type and subtype need to be hydrated. This is the basis without which the skin cannot function properly.

How to tell that your skin is dehydrated?

First of all, you will feel it when your cheeks begin to burn or soar a little, and the skin may or may not become slightly flushed. Most people imagine dehydrated skin as extremely dry. However, this is not entirely true: such skin can also be covered with a large layer of sebum – this happens when your skin becomes suddenly dehydrated, its sebaceous glands try to save it and start producing a larger amount of sebum to protect it from overdrying.

Dehydrated skin – what ingredients does it need?

Which ingredients help dehydrated skin? Basically, of use will be all ingredients with hygroscopic properties, so those that hold water molecules in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of the hits in this field – it can combine up to 250 particles of water. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body, but with age its quantity in the skin decreases.

If we don’t hydrate our skin from the inside — hyaluronic acid will not help much. For this reason, the first rule of hydrated skin is drinking the right amount of water – a minimum of 2 liters a day. On hot summer days, this dose should be even higher because this is when the skin loses moisture more quickly.

The good news is that we can easily protect our skin by creating an occlusive layer on its surface. This layer makes it difficult for water molecules to escape from our skin. All kinds of natural oils are perfect for this purpose. Because their molecular weight and properties differ – the oils should be selected for the particular skin type. Along with providing proper protection against drying, additionally it should regulate sebum and deliver anti-wrinkle action.

Vitamins are another important factor in proper skin hydration – one of the most important, the so-called ‘vitamin of youth’, is vitamin E – it regains the skin’s ideal hydration level, regenerates it well, also moisturises and lubricates. What’s important – vitamin E can improve the condition of all skin types.

Skin hydration – the best homemade hydrating facial treatments

In order to regain a good condition of your skin, you should constantly moisturise it from the inside and the outside. For this purpose, it’s important to drink about 8 glasses of water a day and also use a good moisturising cosmetic. A good idea is to purchase good hyaluronic acid and regularly use algae masks. You can also apply natural oils before the bedtime so that it protects the skin against excessive loss of moisture. If the air is dry in your house – invest in a good humidifier. Then the skin will quickly regain its former shape and elasticity.