Where do we feel the comfiest, most freely and simply happy? At home, of course. You can be yourself and your house is a place where you can get the best rest. That is why you should make use of this sanctuary and create your own SPA similar to the rituals offered by exclusive beauty salons. How to get round to it? Here are the ways to treat yourself to real home relaxation for body and soul.

1. Relaxation = Bath

Obviously, it can’t be just an ordinary bath – make it perfect: take bath salts (lavender salt has one of the most relaxing aroma), fragrant oils and burner, aromatic incense and candles… In other words, create some unusual, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom so you can rest and chill in thanks to fizzy bath salts, wonderful subtle aromas and puffy foam. Candles and calming music will surely add to the atmosphere. However, remember that even the most relaxing bath can’t be ‘overused’ – 20 minutes is the maximum time your skin should be in warm water. A longer bath will give an unwanted adverse effect – dehydrating the skin instead of regenerating and calming it down.

2. Fragrant scrub – comfort & body care

Baths and fragrances work on your senses but it would be nice if you could do something beneficial for your skin, too. Reach for a body scrub and gently massage your skin using circular motions. You can try out a store product but a DIY scrub gives great results as well. Mix coffee grounds with a natural oil (olive oil works too) and 2-3 drops of favorite essential oil. If you want anti-cellulite effect, add grapefruit essential oil.

Other effective cellulite-fighting substances found in the kitchen include sugar, Himalayan salt, rolled oats.

3. Bubble cloud on your face!

Your face skin is going to welcome gentle massage as well. Now, it is properly moisturized and absorbs more substances thanks to the bath and steam lingering in the bathroom. It’s the perfect time to apply a mask. Fizzy bubble face mask is a thing now – not only does it moisturize skin and deliver oxygen but also is cut out for SPA rituals, turning into soft mousse, subtly bubbling up on the face. You can try this brilliant and so relaxing sensation during your evening home SPA.

4. Hair SPA – oriental, natural oils

If you want your hair to get back its vitality, hydration and shine – reach for natural oils and treat your hairdo to the oriental ritual of oiling. It is an old treatment which has been used and loved by Indian women for ages. The best thing you can do is choose the most balanced blend of unrefined cold-pressed oils for your hair type. You are going to get lots of benefits – hair repair, moisture boost, scalp relaxation. Hair and scalp oil treatment is a game-changing SPA ritual – I’m sure you are going to unravel its mystic power and amazing hair benefits. Regularly-performed hair oil treatment improves hair structure, protects against damage and toxins, as well as stimulates bulbs and amps up hair growth. Get ready for plenty of baby hair and a strong, voluminous, luminous hairdo.

There is one more benefit of hair oiling: while a chosen oil is ‘lying’ on your hair, you can fully relax and listen to music, read a book or watch the beloved TV show.

5. Feet and hands in SPA

Your hand and foot skin needs the same care and attention as all body parts. A lotion is not enough for full repair so treat your feet and hands to a relaxing bath now and again. Soak your feet in warm water enriched with a chosen foot salt. After this kind of bath, your feet are ready for a moisture-boosting lotion.

Your hands won’t say no to a nice bath either – keep them in warm water (infused with 2 spoons of natural oil and a spoon of lemon juice) for around 10 minutes. This treatment both nourishes skin and bolsters your nails.