It happens that due to the influence of various factors our hair gets weaker, starts breaking and falls out too excessively. Luckily, scissors aren’t the only solution to agree to. Do you know how to regenerate damaged hair and how to take care of it daily?

There are numerous things that cause damage to hair. Although each hair is able to carry really heavy weight, still it’s surprisingly easy to ruin it due to, for example, high temperature. What should we stay away from if we want to have healthy and strong hair?

Our bad habits that contribute to worsening hair condition:

  • too frequent hair dyeing;
  • exposing hair to hot air stream of a hair dryer every day;
  • using a flat iron and hair curler;
  • incompetently applied perm;
  • exposing hair to ill-matching beauty products;
  • too intensive detangling;
  • tugging hair with a towel while drying;
  • keeping hair loose while sleeping;
  • following an unbalanced and unhealthy diet;
  • various diseases.

10 steps of proper hair care

Step 1
Hairdressing appointment and getting hair ends trimmed

The first step towards beautiful, strong and healthy hair might be the most painful one. Especially for those who wish to grow long hair and fight for every inch of it. The sad truth is that there is no method to save split ends. They must be cut out because through them both water and nourishing substances escape. Therefore, if you notice having split ends, find a hairdressing appointment inevitable.

Step 2
Limiting the factors that ruin hair

The second important thing is limiting all the factors that affect hair condition negatively. No more dyeing, especially bleaching. No more cigarettes and alcohol – they do ruin hair, skin and nails. No more overusing hair styling products and daily hair straightening. It’s time to find the cause of hair damage and eliminate it. If something had a negative impact on our hair, we shouldn’t use it.

Step 3
Shampoo change and learning to wash hair delicately

The way in which we wash our hair has a tremendous influence on hair state. If we do this too intensively and use shampoos containing strong detergents, it’s highly possible for us to worsen hair condition, disturb hair bulbs and dehydrate strands. A shampoo should match scalp problem, not hair problem. Then, its negative impact should be neutralized with acidic hair rinse. Washing hair every single day isn’t necessary either: we should do it less frequently, in a delicate manner, using gentle shampoos and lukewarm water.

Step 4
Resigning from heat styling and blow drying

If hair is even slightly weakened, then each form of heat styling is like knocking another nail in the hair’s coffin. High temperature does damage to delicate strands and might leave them considerably dehydrated. Therefore, if we wish to retrieve the lost shine and beauty of hair, resign from using hot air stream to blow dry hair (best if allowed to air dry) and put aside all types of flat irons and hair curlers.

Step 5
Introducing intensive conditioners to hair care

We won’t regenerate damaged hair if we don’t introduce an intensive repair conditioner into hair care regimen. Even a conditioner that is made from a few moisturising and reinforcing substances (protein conditioner) aids in hair regeneration and allows to restore softness, smoothness and shine to hair. The best are conditioners that have to be removed after a few minutes.

Step 6
Treating hair with natural oils regularly

The truth is that there is no other beauty product that offers hair as much as natural oils do. They contain the adequate amount of essential fatty acids that reinforce the natural hydro-lipid barrier of hair. All you have to do is choose an oil that suits your scalp and hair and then keep applying it regularly. The best effects in hair regeneration is hot hair oiling, which is application of warmed-up oil.

Step 7
Split ends protection

Natural oil can be also used as a natural serum for hair ends that prevents splitting. This task is handled best by cotton seed oil. This practice is found crucial in damaged hair care because it all starts with this hair part – when split, all the moisture and nutrient supply escapes through it.

Step 8
Conscious hair care products selection

There is no effective hair care without using effective and well-matching products. Therefore, a very important step in a way to healthy, strong and beautiful hair is reading the list of ingredients of the cosmetics we want to buy. Thanks to this we won’t overburden hair but we will supply it with the substances that are needed so as to boost hair condition and amaze others with stunning looks.

Step 9
The adequate technique of hair detangling

While analyzing step by step how we should take care of hair, it often appears that we even comb hair the wrong way. Quite important is the selection of the right brush or comb. Also, wet hair shouldn’t be detangled at all, but if you have to do it, use only a wide-tooth wooden comb. Besides, hair must be combed gently, section by section and always with a tool that is made of natural materials.

Step 10
Switching into more healthy and nutrient-rich diet

The last step is obviously changing eating habits into more healthy ones, which is recognized as the core of each care type. Damaged hair requires omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids combined with many micro and macro elements. By supplying the hair with such substances, we take care of hair bulbs and boost care provided by cosmetics.