Hands up if you are also bothered by the oily summer skin! If your face looks as if you used butter instead of a moisturizer two hours after applying make-up, we offer a solution. See how to take control of oily summer skin!

How to control the shine? Use a good mattifying foundation

This is the fastest and obviously the easiest way to effectively mattify the skin without much effort. Such foundation gives matte finish, evens out the skin tone and keeps the face shine-free for long hours.

There are specially-designed products for oily summer skin (some oily skins are unhealthily shiny even in the winter because of the central heating). Why does heat make skin oily? Skin pores open so sebum glands produce more oil and the face is shiny and sweaty. This type of skin attracts dirt and dust so it’s exposed to the occurence of inflammation (acne breakouts) and infections.

Mattifying foundation is great because it’s easy to apply and rich in antiseptic ingredients and UV filter protecting from the sunlight. A good matte-finish foundation doesn’t give you the cake face because it blends with the skin and balances the sebum secretion.

Blotting papers for oily skin

Even the best mattifying foundation may sometimes yield to the oil buildup. If we add heat and sweat, the skin starts to rebel and gets oilier so even the best make-up won’t survive.

In this case you don’t need to apply make-up all over again – if you add next layers of a mattifying powder, the bacteria occurs on the skin. That is why always have blotting papers on you – they perfectly absorb oil excess not spoiling your make-up (you don’t need to rub the skin – gently press the paper to the face instead). Blotting papers contain talc which attracts the excess of sebum.

Mattifying sunscreen

This is a game-changing product for oily skin. Modern-time sunscreens don’t need to be butter-like because they contain talc and other sebum-absorbing ingredients. You can also make use of SPF-rich BB creams that smoothen the skin and instantly enhance its appearance – perfect, lightweight skin enhancers that strongly protect the skin and balance the secretion of oil in the summer.

Are you looking for the best mattifying BB cream? Try Bourjois Air Mat Foundation or matte BB cream from Avon Sun Care. These innovative products look very natural, give a long-lasting matte effect and let the skin breathe.

Moisturize your oily skin

Many of you will be taken aback! Instead of drying out the oily skin, you need to moisturize it. Moisturized skin doesn’t need to protect itself from dehydration so it doesn’t overproduce sebum. This way the skin stays calm and shine-free.

Don’t go too far!

I’m sure you – like 80% of oily-skin sufferers – tried to tame the skin by using extremely dehydrating products, invasive scrubs or salicylic acid. This isn’t skin-friendly so never go too far.

If you keep drying out your oily skin, you will surely achieve the adverse result: intensified shine. Use scrubs once a week and moisturize the skin rather than dry it out.