Fashion styles and trends tend to come and go, this is obvious. Check out the make-up trends which are going to be fashionable in the spring and summer 2015.

Colourful lines on eyelids

In the present year, neon eyelines on upper eyelids are going to be trendy. This is the response to the vivid colours of eyeshadows eagerly used by make-up artists, especially at fashion shows. This kind of eyelines can be applied with an eyeliner, necessarily with a matt one, although, the thickness of eyelines is not strictly fixed. It is also possible to stick already made eyelines to the eyelids.

Natural eyebrows

Eyebrows form a kind of a frame for eyes. They also can make your face look slimmer or simply create an open-eye look. This season, opulent and a little bit shaggy eyebrows are going to be fashionable. To enhance eyebrows’ shape and colour, it is advisable to use special brushes or stylizing cosmetics. During the stylisation of eyebrows, fairly useful can be following products – gel, brush, tweezers, as well as, eyebrow shadows or eyeshadows.

Eyeline on lower eyelid

Thick, intensive and colourful eyelines painted on the lower eyelid is yet another make-up trend of this spring/summer season. The eyeline should be painted from the inner corner of upper eyelid to create, so called, thin flick or pin up. Next, the line finishes on the inner corner of lower eyelid. It is important that, the upper and lower lines should be of the same colour.

Purple eyeshadows

Certainly, everybody wants to be fashionable, nonetheless, not everybody is destined to wear purple eyeshadows. Only the owners of green eyes would look most appealing after putting this colour on the eyelids. You are free to use all shades of purple. Apply it on the lower and upper eyelids accordingly to the previously-mentioned rules.

Candy lips

In the spring and summer of 2015 lips should be colourful, delicate and juicy. Apply lipgloss or lipstick in the pink, orange or coral colour. You can top your lips with putting on colourless lippy or just leave the lips matt.

Make-Up NoMake-Up

Freshness, naturalness and delicacy are going to be prevailing in make up trends in 2015. Make-Up NoMake-Up is the skillfully application of foundation and powder in such a way to cover the spots or dark circles under the eyes, and at the same time, enhance the most attractive features of woman’s face. You can freely use some highlighter on cheeks, temples, chin and under the browbone. On the other hand, it is advisable to do not apply great quantities of transparent or matt foundation.