Considering the prices of some beauty products, we should learn how to make them longest-lasting. Is it at all possible? It is, actually. You just need to change a few habits.

The brand ensures that the product lasts for six months but you used it up after a month? It is a common problem which has nothing to do with too little product. We are often the wrongdoers applying too much of a cosmetic or wasting the lion’s share of the products.

Still, everything can be fixed. There are a few habits that you can easily introduce into your everyday beauty care to increase the efficiency of cosmetics. Saving up isn’t that hard!


1. Use fewer cotton pads

Most cosmetics you apply using cotton rounds can be actually applied without the pads. A facial toner? Apply a bit to your palms, rub the hands together and spread the liquid on the skin. It is an economical method as you make sure the entire product ends up on your skin, not on the pad you throw out. Thanks to the patent, you can use less product in a single application so you make it longer-lasting.

2. Use up to two pumps of foundation

Makeup artists advise to squeeze the foundation onto the hand first and then you transport it onto the skin and spread with a brush or a sponge. However, at the same time, you end up with a bit of the foundation on the hand – you wipe it off with a tissue and throw away wasting a pricey product. A way to deal with it? Let’s use up to 2 portions (pumps) of foundation. If it’s not enough, you can add some more. Generally, this amount is enough to evenly cover the face.

3. Add next products before the first one dries

We can borrow this trick from Koreans who promote multi-stage skin care. They also recommend applying next products (essence, cream, toner, serum) before the first one is fully absorbed. What’s the point? It is easier to spread cosmetics on damp skin. When you try to spread the product on dry skin, you will need more product to do it well. That’s why using the Asian technique is a great way to save money on cosmetics and make them longer-lasting.

4. Replace an atomiser with a pump

Spray products are extremely comfy and I love them for being easy to use and gently coating the skin. On the other hand, let’s remember that a little of the product is left in the air, instead of the whole product being applied to the skin or hair. In this way, we waste the product. No wonder spray-on products run out so fast – much more quickly than cosmetics in pump bottles or other products. A hint for you? Either give up on sprays or spritz them directly on your palms and then apply them to skin or hair, not wasting a bit of a cosmetic.

5. Use a serum instead of a cream

What is serum actually? It is a concentrated mixture of the strongest-working conditioning ingredients. It works in a more intensive way than a cream – this means you need less product to get the same effect. If you want to save money on cosmetics and enjoy one face care product longer, go for serums! You need a drop or two to cover the face evenly, deeply nourish, moisturise, soften and rejuvenate it. Another asset of the serum is containing better ingredients and having fewer chemical substances.