Despite winter not being over yet, Dior knows what is the make-up we will wear this spring. The famous brand just introduced newest cosmetics in Colour Gradation Collection. Among them are quadruple eye shadows, Couture Nuance.

Dior holds in its offer two eye shadow palettes: 001 Blue Gradation and 002 Coral Gradation. In each of them are four shades of cosmetic placed in a such way that they create smooth change, so called gradation. In the first palette are light turquoise, sky blue, deep blue and navy. The second palette contains light pink and orange, coral and brown. Couture Naunce are perfect for make-up in smoky eyes style. Light eye shadows will highlight eyes, while the dark shades will contour them.

Couture Nuance Palettes are decorated with the Dior writing and horizontal stripes. Cosmetic was placed in black, compact packaging. Inside are a mirror and two small applicators. Palettes are not large, so you can easily pack them into the bag and take into another vacation travel.

Eye shadows by Dior have wonderful colours. These are well pigmented, provide full coverage and are easy to spread. Their texture is light, so there are no loose particles and eye shadows are crease-resistant. Thanks to Couture Nuance you can perform quick and professional make-up. How to do it? The brightest eye shadow apply in the inner eyes corners, the darkest shade – on the opposite side. The remaining two eye shadows apply in the middle of eyelid and blend everything thoroughly. Remember that the lines of eye shadows cannot be noticeable. If you want, you can draw a line with black eyeliner along the lashes line. To finish make-up apply waterproof mascara. Your make-up is ready.